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chili cheese dog grilled cheese open    Bacon-Roasted Grilled Cheese sliced



Tomato soup grilled cheese cut   

Chicken cordon bleu open    Tomato soup grilled cheese

ham pineapple open   

Sweet and Spicy Turkey Grilled Cheese Sandwich open    turkey club open

    Sweet and Spicy Turkey Grilled Cheese Sandwich open




Asparagus Lasagna Slice    Cookies and Milk

Asparagus    Asparagus Lasagna Slice2

pie crust crackers    Valentine's Day Napoleons3

Scallions    Green Rice

Pepperoni Stuffed Chicken    cilantro

Butterflied Chicken    Baked Pepperoni Stuffed Chicken
Casserole Ingredients    Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole

Chicken Wild Rice Soup    Baked Casserole

Meringue with Lemon Zest    

    Zucchini Ribbons




Banana Muffin Batter in Tin   






















Grilled Tilapia   







































































pasta e fagioli   

Beans    Bacon













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