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Hiya! I’m Bake Up, Little Suzy, and I make comfort food with a twist in the galley kitchen of a one-bedroom apartment I share with my cat, Professor Atticus “Tigger” Meowington. My recipes include unique one-pot wonders, penny-pinching recessipes, party food for fancy guesties, and a few freakish hybrids. Frequent guests to the table include Handsome Greg and My Mom Rules.

I began cooking Hamburger Helper as a struggling actress in my twenties, and I’ve since learned fancier techniques and recipes from my mom and the Food Network. I’ve considered going to culinary school, but I don’t actually want a career in food service. Unless or until the opportunity arises to make boat-loads of money making dinner for friends and family, I’m happy to continue on as an amateur home cook. I work in marketing by day, run a small theater company by night, and spend the rest of my waking hours developing recipes and menus.

Need to contact me? Email suzannawinter at yahoo dot com.

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  1. Vciki V says:

    Why not become a personal chef?

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